I am a contemporary ceramics artist, born in Czech republic. There I lived and studied Arts, Crafts and Ceramic design graduating with honours in 2006, before moving to Brighton, England.
I am an observer, investigating human body and our emotions. I am finding links and exploring relationships between the fragility of human life, impact of our life style choices, thoughts, and the environment we created to live in, on our lives and bodies.
My work is very intuitive; I draw from my own experience, immediate state of my mind and my feelings. I usually do not know what will happen next, leaving space for surprise .I am influenced and inspired by nature as well as human creation and consumption ,technology and city living, different cultures and hospital environment where I work. I use object of everyday life in my work, and I am fascinated by Industrial textures and colours in contrast and in combination with soft and natural designs. I currently work in stoneware, and use combination of hand – building techniques and wheel thrown shapes to create unique pieces.. I like to use different types of clay and leave the surface mainly unglazed, leaving the natural colour of the clay stand out, with oxides and glazes rubbed into the textures.


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